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Solar Flashlights

Solar Mag-Style Flashlight

Solar powered mag-style flashlight, lightweight to carry, but amazingly renders an abundance of brilliant floodlighting. Designed with 10 super LEDs. Available in black or silver.

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel with high conversion efficiency. (13,000-15,000 millicandelas.)

Travel -Size Flashlight

Perfect for travel, this handy-sized solar flashlight features a simulated compass as its operating push button and has attached nylon woven cord. Built with 5 super bright LEDs (13,000-15,000 millicandelas) and monocrystalline silicon solar panel for high convert efficiency.

Solar panel: 5volt/45 milli-amps. Battery capacity: 200 milli-amp hours. Charging time for lithium polymer battery outside using solar panel is approx. 3 hours. Approx. 5" length. White. D-9930

Compact Solar Flashlight

Streamlined and easy to pocket or pack, 3 LED solar powered flashlight also has attached nylon woven cord.

Battery: Lithium-ion 3.6 volt 80 milli-amp hours. 5.5 volts. Solar charging time: 7-9 hours. USB-DC adaptor charging time: 1-2 hours. LED lifespan: 100,000 hours. Approx. 5.25 " length. White. D-2689

SolaLite Bottle Opener

Dual-purposed bottle opener also serves as an efficient solar flashlight all in one unit. Designed with 3 LED lights, built-in battery (40 milli-amp hours).

Solar board life: 5 years. Charge time:10 hours. Discharge Time: 1-1.5 hours (continuous usage). 5.25" length. Gray, orange, black, red, blue. D-2692


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