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"Solutions for a Friendly Planet"

SolaDynamix applies the highest of excellence in developing and providing superior solar products expressly for its retail partners. We distinctively buy, design, improve, and sell the best and most original earth-friendly merchandise.

We are eager and determined to meet and exceed the needs of our distinguished modern-day market, which is equally determined to patronize efforts for environmental responsibility.

Our extraordinary product line is destined to exhilarate and entice the eco-savvy market which has been searching for and demanding nothing less than the best for an environmentally-conscious world. Inventory includes innovations that are highly useful and yet effortless to operate, geared for today’s living and tomorrow’s bright promise.

And, SolaDynamix continually experiments with new products and innovative ideas. Intense research is paramount in developing and maintaining state of the art solar products deemed dynamic enough to be included as “solutions for a friendly planet”.

That’s what you’ll find at SolaDynamix.


SolaDynamix@gmail.com ~ 4220 S. 37th Street ~ Phoenix, AZ 85040  ~ 480. 822.7070

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